And we’re off……

Welcome to the new blogsite of the National Pipe Archive.  We’re going through a bit of a steep learning curve as we are new to the whole concept of blogging, so you may need to bear with us.

So what’s happening? we hear you ask.  Well, we have been lucky enough to receive some funding from Historic England to work on a project called Clay Tobacco Pipes for Field Archaeology.  The aim of project is to provide a single reference point for field archaeologists and others by drawing together and making available some of the key reference elements from the NPA and providing guidelines for dealing with pipe assemblages.  We hope to provide an easy-to-use digital resource to allow efficient, and sufficiently accurate, processing, identification and dating of clay pipes.

When’s all this likely to happen?  Well, we’re working on it.  Clearly this isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, but scanning of some of the material is already underway. So watch this space.

At the moment we’ve got this blog site linked to our current website – – be kind when you look at this, it’s not the best website you’ve ever seen or used but we are working on that too.  As part of the project the website will be overhauled, so bear with us.

We are all very excited about the project and looking forward to sharing with you some of the amazing resources the NPA has, so keeping checking back with us over the coming weeks and months.



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