In the days before word limits

As many masters and PhD students will be all to well aware, word limits are the bane of their lives, often leading to dilemmas over what to keep in and what leave out. However, searching through the NPA’s collections today we’ve come across the original manuscript of Iain C Walker PhD thesis Clay Tobacco Pipes, with particular reference to the Bristol Industry, which was submitted in 1973 (LIVNP 2014.01.034/035).  Quite a hefty tome when compared to Susan White’s PhD thesis, submitted in 2002 (LIVNP 2005.14.01), which was still well over the 100,000 word limit that is set for todays PhD students.

So bear a thought for those poor supervisors “back in the day” who had a little more reading to do than their modern day counterparts!

Walker’s 1973 PhD thesis (LIVNP 2014.01.034/035) compared to White’s 2002 PhD thesis (LIVNP 2005.14.01).
Iain C Walker PhD thesis 1973 (LIVNP 2014.01.034-035)

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