Atkinson’s Notebooks

Atkinson Notebooks (LIVNP 2012.02.216-232).

When David Atkinson sadly passed away at the end of 2011 he left behind a legacy of over 50 years of published pipe research as well as a large quantity of notes, correspondence, books and a huge reference collection of pipes that he had amassed over the years.  The National Pipe Archive (NPA) worked with members of David’s family to secure this collection for the benefit of future generations and in 2012 it was donated to the NPA.  Simply preparing a proper catalogue of the collection will be a major undertaking for the Archive, and one that may well take many years to complete.  In the meantime, we are compiling a brief overview of the range of material that the collection contains (Accession number LIVNP 2012.06), which should be available shortly.

One of the elements of the paper archive that is of particular interest, are 17 small hard backed notebooks containing drawings and information on pipes from various parts of the country.  The drawings of the bowl forms and marks are of good quality and provide a valuable reference source for anyone researching the products of a particular area.  There are two books covering Bristol pipes; four on Broseley, Shropshire; six on London; one on Salisbury/Malborough; one on Somerset; one on Sussex and two miscellaneous volumes.

As part of the current HE funded project we have digitised some of these notebooks.  We’ve scanned in the notebooks from Salisbury/Marlborough (LIVNP 2012.06.216); Sussex (LIVNP 2012.06.217) and Somerset (LIVNP 2012.06.218).  These will be available on the website very shortly.

Selected pages from Atkinson’s notebooks. Left is page 30 from the Marlborough and Salisbury notebook (LIVNP 2012.06.216) showing Jeffry Hunt marks c.1650-1680 from Norton St Philip and Devizes.  Right is page 13 from the Sussex notebook (LIVNP 2012.06.217) showing two IH marked pipes, possibly John Harman of Lewes (c. 1760-1780).